Monday, August 29, 2016

God Mazinger chapter 1

I wanted to have this out a few days ago, but work interfered...long and short of it...we owe a huge thanks to Dynamic Pro for this. As you may know, the raws out now for God Mazinger are utter shit. So a while ago, we bought new ones and Dynamic Pro was kind enough to scan them in! It's from the two volume version, which isn't available online, and it looks fantastic. We also bought raws for Mao Dante's remake, as well as Dynamic we plan to get to this soon, along with more Violence Jack in progress! And another Ishikawa series!
So, the plot...well, it's Nagai's fetishes on dsplay in total: Beautiful women, easily embarrassed schoolgirls, jackass 'heroes'....giant robots, evil monsters, psychic powers and ancient civilizations (Seriously, what IS it with him and psychic powers and ancient civilizations?) Yamato Hino, a highschool asshole with psychic powers is...called through time and space to the lost civilization of Lemuria, or Mu, where...well, you'll have to see.

Now, some have asked us about some of our other old favorites, so I want to promise something: Ishinomori, Yokoyama, Matsumoto? NOT forgotten, at all. We have more of that coming in the future. In fact, for shorter Ishinomori series, I have a few in mind, as well as more short Matsumoto (How's Queen of a Thousand Years and Battleship Yamato grab ya?). Hox and I have a few more Yasuhikos for the future planned as it's just a matter of time and resource on this.

Anyways...God Mazinger Chapter 1! Enjoy!

Wolf Guy chapter 14

Here we go

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Azumi Chapter 133

Azumi's come to the crossroads! Yae is help hostage and is being threatened most fiendishly by the hunters who'll stop at nothing for Azumi's head...however, Azumi has help, for once, with Sakon who wants to assist in this as well.

And they haven't reckoned with Yae's decision to save her friend as well...

It's time for the new chapter: Yae's decision

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Shut Hell Chapter 76

Okay, so Veronika and Sudoh are now my OTP and people complaining about 'yuri shit' can bite's time for SH to seek out Yurul again, and we discover the nastiness that has happened since. When you get to the Khan, he does not play.

Here's the new chapter: One Flower!

Now, we're in the market for editors still, and since people have asking: the main reason we're keeping pace on Nagai and Ishikawa is that's what our translators specializing in such have been able to focus on. I do want to get to more Ishinomori and Yokoyama, but we need translation and editing help for that.  I have some in the pipeline we want to do, though, so we have NOT forgotten those.

Enjoy, everyone!